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We have just published a FREE downloadable Guide about Ransomware and how to protect yourself against it. We include information from many sources about the different types, what they do, and how to recover from it.

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We have now included built-in Ransomware protection with our Managed Services that secures your data on any PC from being hijacked. Even if your system becomes compromised, our solution can fully recover all your data without issue in minutes. With hacking at an all time high, and hackers holding corporate data and systems hostage daily, know you are protected with SafeGuard 360! Want to know more?

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360 Proactive IT Managed Services

Now with ALL NEW SERVICE PLANS, we can insure your business has a professional and certified Technology Support Team whenever you need them to provide instant support? 

We believe in providing top notch service and instant knowledgeable support to help elimate downtime, and provide a low cost preventative maintenance program to prevent problems in the first place. 95% computer and network issues are preventable and we aim to help you minimize them so you can focus on your business. 


Website & Web-based Application Design/Hosting

Nowadays, everyone and their cousin designs websites. Some are free some are cheap. Remember the old saying, "You get what you pay for!" It's still a very accurate statement. Select a company that understands the meaning of function design, ease of use, and customer friendly.

Our designer has created award winning sites for Mazda Motor of America, Don McGill Toyota, The City of Houston, Bacterial BarCodes, and many others since 1993. He has over created more than 400 business websites for clients all over the USA including the site you are using now.

He has now chosen to focus on using that knowledge to better power small business  using web-based technologies. 

Find out how ...

Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

What is the Recommended Backup Method?

Most small businesses really have no tested or viable backup solution in place. A restore of a backup should be performed on a regular basis to ensure the backup is good. Remember this:

The most common failure in backups is the human element. Ever heard, "We were too busy or forgot to do it this week." Most backups are never properly monitored or tested on a regular basis then Murphy's Law hits, and you're in trouble, your backup is old and incomplete. Sometimes there is no backup solution in place at all because you never got around to setting it up. As a business with customers counting on you, this is unacceptable, and can cost you your business and even legal trouble with your clients.

A good backup solution should consist of a full snapshot of your data every two weeks and daily incremental's that backup only the files that change on a daily basis in-between the full backups. A set of these backups should be kept off-site in a safe place.



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Remote Support

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Note: We also support Apple iOS and Android based mobile devices/tablets

Voice & Data Structured Cabling

Spectrum 360 has 25 years experience with voice and data cabling installation and upgrades. Whether it's a new build out or an expansion project. We can help you design, plan and install your new technology infrastructure or update your old one.

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Media Conference Rooms

Conference Room technology has become so essential in today's business world. Below are just a few applications that can help you be more productive

  • Presentation by yourself or visitors
  • Video Conferencing
  • Interactive Meetings
  • Interactive Training
  • Electronic Whiteboards for Illustration/Planning

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VOIP Telephone Solutions

We specialize in several phone systems such as XBlue, Allworx, and RingCentral that are especially designed for the SMB market. They can be on or off-site (cloud) solutions that include many advanced features:

  • Voice Mail to Email Integration
  • Automated Attendants
  • Conference Calling
  • Music/Advertising on Hold
  • Forwarding to Mobile Devices
  • Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices
  • Remote Phones for Telecommuters
  • VPN, and much more...