Fast Effective Service

This means we fix things when you call, not two weeks later when it's convenient for us! When your computer doesn't work, you can't work! We get that and we will help you fast.

The worst this for a business owner is paying employees to sit around doing nothing or working at a reduced capacity.

Having your technology work when you need it is essential to a successful, profitable business. We understand this and have built a reputation for fast intelligent service. We prioritize issue on their impact on a person's productivity not when we have time in the schedule. 

Our software allows us to remote in and work with a user to resolve problems that impact productivity quickly and save annoyances for after-hours maintenance windows. When you sign on with us we train your employees on how to receive help and make it as easy as possible to get it. We track all issues in our help desk system to make sure nothing is forgotten or overlooked. Every employee has access to the help desk without having to contact a manager on-site to report an issue. They will be contact within a matter of minutes to determine what the issue is and how it impacts production. Then it will be prioritized and assigned to a tech for resolution then or after hours depending on the issue and impact on production. Just like IT in larger companies. We are your IT department, top to bottom!

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