New Cloud-based Solutions

We offer a full range of cloud solutions from Microsoft Office365 to Cloud-based Servers and Backup/Disaster Recovery solutions.

Over the last year, Spectrum 360 has completely streamlined our Cloud Service offering to make using the cloud for your business simple. Here's how it looks:

  1. Office 365 - Microsoft's Business Email, File Sharing and Applications platform. We are a Microsoft Certified Cloud Partner and can setup and deploy these services for you. This is hands down the best business email platform for the money. Reliability is "Rock Solid" and th costs are very affordable for small businesses.
  2. SafeGuard 360 - Our Cloud Based Backup and Disaster Recovery system that is a complete off-site backup solution that is HIPPA and PCI compliant.
  3. Cloud 360 - Our complete cloud based business solution for new and emerging businesses that what to dramatically reduce their startup costs.
  4. Managed Cloud Redundancy - This is wher we use Cloud based servers to replicate your network to a data center with no cost in hardware and software to you. If is a leased HaaS (Hardware as a Service) to backup your existing network infrastructure in case of a localized failure or disaster.
  5. Unmanaged Cloud Services - The is another form of HaaS that allows you to specify what resources you need and allows you to lease them on an as needed basis on a minimum 1 year contract. Management and Monitoring is very minimal and allow your own IT resources to manage them remotely.

If your interest in how any of these may help you solidify your IT infrastructure, then please contact us for a free consultation:

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