Free Flood Damage Technology Assessments

As a family owned business with 27 years experience in Houston, we understand how important it is to get back up and running as soon as possible.

Spectrum 360 will have techs on hand to come in and assess what part of your network, phones and computer infrastructure is working and what needs to be replaced including building cabling and wireless technologies. We will be providing this service for FREE until further notice as a public service regardless of whether you use our services or not!

DO NOT trust insurance company underwriters to do this for you. Their job is to cover as little as they can cost wise by under valuating equipment and not accounting for proper installation costs. As a professional IT services company, we can protect you from this by providing a professional 3rd party estimate for replacement and repairs. We are a member of 2 Chambers of Commerce in the Houston Area and specialize in Small Business. Give us some information on how to contact you. You will here from us within 30 minutes.

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